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Wheel Specs 101: What sizes will work with your Wide Body Kit?

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – As an authorized dealer for Liberty Walk, Rauh Welt, Rocket Bunny, and Pandem, it is no secret Street Standard offers expert advice on wheel fitment as a formality to their customers.

“Finding the perfect wheel for any car can be a pain for many automotive enthusiast’s; but wide body kits can really present a challenge if you are looking for a perfect fit,” says Corey Hosford, spokesperson for Street Standard’s automotive design division.

In many cases, having custom wheels that are custom built for each new car is the sure fire way of gaining that perfect magazine cover finish on a Wide Body Kit. Street Standard has close relationships and partnerships with elite wheel brands like Fifteen52, Forgestar, Rotiform and Ag Wheels just to name a few.

“These partnerships are instrumental in providing the type of wheels that make each car so damn sweet,” adds Hosford. “We are committed to building each car with a focus on aesthetic perfection and wheel selection for wide body kits is something we have become known for.”

The designers and custom fabricators at Street Standard pride themselves on providing each customer the proper wheels based on specific adjustments to their unique ride height, width, color, alignment, diameter and overall stance. If you have questions about wheel sizes for your custom wide body kit, let the fellas at Street Standard help you find the perfect wheels to compliment your Wide Body kit.

For special Pricing and wheel options please contact us at.
We Ship World Wide / Distribution Available

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  1. Mike

    Hey what width should my rims and tires be for my 325i 2004 bmw with the I duraflex wide body kit

  2. harry frnzlyan

    i need to know how wide to go in my front and rear wheels on my 1989 325is e30

  3. David kindt

    89 bmw e30.
    Was thinking about getting the pandem wide body kit for my car. Was just wondering what wheels you guys got to fit. I have an e36 5 lug swap on the car now running 17-8 rims. And the wheels are about an inch and a half out of the fenders. They barely fit..
    Just wondering so i can get an idea on pricing
    Thank you very much.

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