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Street Standard Nissan 350Z 1JZ Engine Swap

As the trend of engine swaps into Nissan Z chassis have never been more popular. Street Standard is jumping off the LS swap train, and utilize another engine platform for our latest 350Z engine swap! With many years of hard miles and abuse we figured it was time to lay the popular VQ35 to rest. After numerous hours and late nights Street Standard decided to use a power plant that’s efficient, cosmetically appealing, and that will also give our Rocket Bunny 350Z an extraordinary presence both in show and performance. The 1JZ being utilized in our engine swap is outfitted with 800cc fuel injectors, HKS upgraded turbo, After Market Top Mount Manifold, and other miscellaneous engine components that will allow our 1JZ to be capable of running at a comfortable 550whp. Street Standard imported the 1JZ engine directly from Japan, as well as sourced all components to allow for the perfect fitment into the Nissan 350Z chassis. Street Standard is wanting to show case the wide range of products and work that we can offer. This Rocket Bunny 350Z is the pillar of the Street Standard capabilities, and is sure to capture the hearts of all enthusiast world-wide.

The Birth of the Street Standard 350z
Rocket Bunny Nissan 350z Z33 Wide <stro />Body <strong>Kit</strong></strong>

Empty 350Z Engine Bay
350z engine bay empty  engine swap

Delivery of the 1JZ fresh off the boat
1jz imported from japan

Freshly modfied 1JZ 350Z Engine Swap Mounts
1jz 350Z engine swap mounts 1jz Swap <stro />Kit</strong> in to 350z

The fitment of the 1JZ in our Nissan 350z creates tons of extra space!
1jz swap kit for a Nissan 350z swap kit

Stay tuned for constant updates, and for the official unavailing of the Street Standard Nissan 350-1JZ

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One Comment

  1. Matthew

    I’ve heard that the 1jz engine mounts actually bolt up straight to the oem z crossmember, is this true? Looking into a similar 1j swap soon. Good looks on the project!

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