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About Rocket Bunny

One of the most well-known wide body manufacture in the world has to be handed to the legendary Kei Miura of Rocket Bunny. Inspired by old vintage road racing and the bosozocu community of Japan Miura-San was able to create his signature look with the exposed rivets, and aggressive wide body kits. Based out in Koyoto Japan Miura-San still takes the traditional route when it comes to designing new body its. It starts out some times with a hand sketch’s, to CAD design, and even CNC designs out of blocks of polystyrene. Rocket Bunny is a leader in the custom wide body car community and we are proud to have Rocket Bunny as an official partner with Street Standard.




Rocket Bunny has been growing more and more each year, and has even has expanded in to another brand called Pandem. Pandem is the sister company to Rocket Bunny which is still owned and operated by Miura-San. These two companies create a wide variation of body kits ranging from the popular Nissan S13 240sx, to the legendary NSX, all the way to the Nissan Boss14.

Each Rocket Bunny body kit is manufacture using a CAD design, which allows for the highest quality, and the cleanest OEM fitments for each specific vehicle. Each kit produced by Rocket Bunny / Pandem has its own unique styling that transforms your car in to a piece of art.

Street Standard has worked very closely with Miura-San over the years. The Street Standard team worked very closely on the development of the BOSS14 kit , as well as building multiple SEMA /Show Rocket Bunny cars. For pricing on kits and installation please take a look through our website and also feel free to e-mail us at or call us 480-245-6567.

Where can you receive a certified Rocket Bunny Body kit installation?

Look no further than Street Standard based in Scottsdale, AZ. At Street Standard, we pride ourselves in building everything from SEMA/show-quality vehicles to the perfect daily cruiser. Over the past 7 years, Street Standard has provided top level, award winning builds to some of the largest companies in the automotive industry. We are multi-time winners of top 10 vehicle build lists at the SEMA show, and multiple best of show winners at various car shows across the United States.

Shipping your vehicle?

Let us take care of everything from start to finish including shipping your car. The level of professionalism and care that Street Standard brings to servicing your vehicle is unmatched. Our reliable carriers are professionals at shipping vehicles, with a focus on care and commitment to quality. It’s not always easy handing your car to a third party, but rest easy that Street Standard treats every customer car just like our own.


Rocket Bunny Installation & Service

Add the professional touch from Street Standard