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First look at the new Liberty Walk Ford Mustang S550 Wide Body Kit

First look at the new Liberty Walk Ford Mustang S550 Wide Body Kit

Gilbert, AZ We are excited to announce the newest Wide Body kit produced by the Liberty Walk Team. The S550 Ford Mustang has been an international hit over the past few years, being one of the only Ford Mustangs that is produced right hand drive directly from the factory. With so much attention around the Ford Mustang S550, Liberty Walk Kato put it on one of his list of priories to develop a complete Wide Body Kit.

The Liberty Walk S550 Ford Mustang Wide Body Kit will come with a new Front Lip, Front Over Fenders, Rear Over Fenders, and a Duck Tail Style rear wing. This give the Sixth Gen Ford Mustang a wider more aggressive stance, that will allow the show car guys to get a wider Wheel and Tire Fitment, while it will give the track enthusiast the opportunity to run an aggressively wider front and rear tire combinations.

The Ford Mustang S550 Wide Body kit will be released late June 2017. While pricing is still being discussed, we can say it will be in a similar price range to the Liberty Walk Challenger Wide Body Kit (5,800usd – 6,800usd).

New Liberty Walk kits are now in production and available though Street Standard. As one of the premier Liberty Walk / Rocket Bunny / Pandem kits retailer and installer, Street Standard can ship all Rocket Bunny, Pandem, and Liberty Walk kits anywhere in the world! E-mail us today.

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