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BorgWarner Turbochargers
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BorgWarner Turbochargers / Airwerks Turbochargers Full Catalog

Powertrain Turbo Technology for the elite

BorgWarner / Airwerks turbochargers are developed to provide reliable and consistent turbo boost, while reducing emissions, turbo lag and enhancing fuel efficiency. BorgWarner / Airwerks turbochargers, including the popular S475 turbos and S480 turbos, utilize extended-tip technology and a high-efficiency turbine stage. This provides ultra-fast turbocharger response and more than 70 psi of boost! BorgWarner AirWerks turbos offer super fast spooling at lower engine speeds, while still able to provide the turbo boost for powerful top-end performance.

Street Standard is an authorized dealer and direct distributor for BorgWarner. Our partnership ensures you will receive the quality of BorgWarner and the service you expect from the world’s premier automotive aftermarket retailer.



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About Street Standard

What began as just an idea between two drifters came to a reality in the form of a performance parts retailer in April, 2015. Corey Hosford and Matt Haugen came together to see what they could do with their unique skill sets, one being a professional race car driver and the other an entrepreneur from ASU. Since then a lot has changed, especially after building 5 vehicles for the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now Street Standard has developed an image for themselves that has gained recognition from some of the largest automotive companies and designers. Only the future will hold what's next for the company, but you can expect new partnerships with industry leaders, ground breaking customer and company builds, competition drifting from both owners, and multiple new retail websites.

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