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Scottsdale, AZStreet Standard is proud to announce our official partnership with Air Lift Performance the ultimate air ride company in the industry. Air Lift is the the leading air suspension company on the market. Air Lift has proven that the all new 3H and 3P systems are the most advanced air systems available on the market. Both the 3H and 3P systems come with multi adjustable controllers, Free Blue Tooth Mobile app that allows for mobile adjustability, Fully Integrated Compact Manifold, Five Custom Presets, all fittings and lines, and a Rise on Start feature.

Air Lift Performance manufactures the highest quality full air systems for many vehicles including: Nissan, Ford, Chevy, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Ferrari, Lamborghini – just to name a few.

Air Lift Performance has been known as the most popular air systems installed for anyone looking to Show, Stance, Race, Drift, and for wide body kit builds.

For Shipping quotes and availability please contact us at.

Street Standard offers world wide shipping on all products.

Air Lift Performance air managment and struts for all vehicles easy install

Air Lift Performance air managment and struts for all vehicles easy install


Air Lift Performance air managment and struts for all vehicles easy install

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  1. berta

    ritiform sna deep concave wheel black& gold 19x9f & 19x12rear price an price on toyo R888 tyres for my bmw 530 with a wide body kit

  2. bader


    i am interested in airlift for my 1978 280z datsun. i understand it would require custom airlifts.

    1. would you be able to do this job.
    2. what system would you recommend including the whole cost.

  3. Street Standard
    Street Standard

    Could you give us a call to discuss? (480) 245-6567

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